About Cofund Bandiera



The COFUND-BANDIERA (“Best Action for National Development of International Expert Researchers Activities”) Programme coordinated by CNR (National Research Council of Italy) is based on the national Flagship Project (Progetto Bandiera RITMARE), a multi-annual large national project for marine scientific and technological research, launched within the National Plan for Research, the Government’s formal planning of national priorities and strategies for research.

COFUND-BANDIERA aims at attracting incoming experienced researchers from EU Members States, Associated and Third Countries wishing to undertake interdisciplinary research and training in the fields covered by the RITMARE Flagship Project, in order to contribute to the further development and strengthening of their career prospects and also to facilitate cooperation with their institutions and countries of origin. The context of the Programme will offer fellows the opportunity to carry out research projects of their choice by means of individual personalised projects, in state of the art research facilities and to enhance their scientific and technical skills through a broad selection of training modules integrated with complementary skills development. One of the main objectives of the programme is in fact to generate a diverse, mobile, skilled workforce, by providing interdisciplinary skills enabling greater flexibility in future employment, as well as by providing a balance of theoretical, pragmatic, practical and reflective learning environments to ensure that all the researchers achieve their full potential.

In total 13 fellowships are envisaged for a duration of 24 months each. The fellows will be appointed by CNR to ensure homogeneous conditions, and will be hosted either at CNR Institutes or at other institutions participating in the RITMARE Flagship Project, on the basis of specific agreements that will be stipulated on purpose, according to their research projects.